Tourism Issues
  1. Angry Surfers-Beaches are one of America's best sources for international income, and the majority of Beach Tourism is made up by Surfers. Surfers on the coast of New Jersey say that because of the The Replenishment Plan the waves do not hit the beach in the same way. The waves appear to be breaking to early, leaving the surfers with nothing but calm water to ride. If this replenishment plan continues to interfere with the way waves hit the beach, then soon surfing will die out.

external image NeighB_Erosion_2405993.jpg
NY Times Surfer's Problem Article

Budget Issues
Obama's 2010 budget for Beach Restoration Projects is a mear $45 Million dollars. This Budget is not even enough to cover New Jersey's Beach Costs. How on earth are they going to budget for the entire nation. Surfers say that the Army Corpse of Engineers replenishment project, has altered the waves so much that this fact does not bother them, the waves are impossible to surf anyway. Slowly but surely, the sport of surfing is becoming extinct, due to erosion.

The debate over New Jersey beach replenishment

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