The New Jersey Issues
New Jersey, whose beaches play a vital role in their gross state product as tourism in 2003 generated an overwhelming $2.9 billion in state and local government revenue, and supported 10 percent of the total employment in the state. Although New Jersey spent an estimated $110 million from 2000 to 2003, due to tourism, they earned nearly 200 times more within one year due to tourism in the area.

New Jersey's beaches, like many beaches worldwide play a critical role in defending people and property from coastal storm hazards. New Jersey serves as a fundamental and preeminent example of this, as due to its geography, it is in the path of hurricanes and nor'easters. Beaches without severe erosion serves as a buffer between the pounding surfs, and the homes, businesses, and infrastructure along the coast. Not only does this rescue New Jersey from spending thousands of dollars on rebuilding areas harmed by such storms, but it also permits a decline in the money spent on uncoordinated and inappropriate erosion-control structures.

More information on New Jersey's Erosion problems.

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